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“Beautiful & HUGE” – Ask Audio Reviews SIGNAL

“beautiful and simple aesthetic … a truly HUGE sound.”

The digital music news go-to, Ask Audio, releases a great review of SIGNAL:

I can confidently say that you won’t easily find the sounds you can create in Signal without doing massive programming and layering on your own. The factory presets I was able to browse through were pretty inspiring, and the pulses felt huge. I definitely understood how you could really wrap an entire song around a single sound with Signal. I had a ton of fun adding, removing, and manipulating the speed of the various pulse engines. Generally, I found myself thinking ‘wow, THAT must have taken a long time to make’ every time I called up a new preset. Signal is truly an… read more on Ask.Audio

– Matt Vanacoro for Ask Audio

SIGNAL is the world’s most powerful pulse engine.

Combining analog and digital synths with organic instruments for an entirely new sound.



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