Ask.Audio Magazine Reviews Rev: “Amazing for Sound Design”
If you’re looking for an opinion from the experts, Ask.Audio magazine had one of their team members take REV for a test drive.

If the REV launch video grabbed your attention and now you’re looking for an opinion from the experts, Ask.Audio magazine had one of their team members take REV for a test drive:

“I was really impressed by REV and the quality and musicality of its sounds. It is so much more than just a load of reversed instruments: it’s amazing for sound design. You can tell when you play it that some of the people involved in its creation have worked on major movie scores because it has that same ethereal, cinematic quality. So many synths on the market have a lot of uninspiring presets and then you watch a movie with a great score and wonder where those sounds come from. Well, at least some of them will probably be coming from REV from now on.

“Would you build a whole album out of reversed sounds? Well, maybe, but it would get old pretty fast. REV’s strength lies in its versatility to complement other kinds of instruments and make your productions as a whole much more interesting. If you are making a score or some other kind of soundtrack, you could very well use REV as your main instrument. Between the excellent bundled patches and the ease with which you can tweak to create your own edits, it’s a fantastic addition to almost any musical setup.”

If you’re a composer, sound designer, or in a band and you’re looking to explore the world of reversed instruments, look no further than REV.

To read the full review, head over to Ask.Audio. And, if you don’t own a copy of REV yet, go grab our reverse sound engine.

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