Output Artist Additions: Neon Strings in Analog Strings
Producers Satta, Josiah Bell, MKL, STONI, and the Rockit Gaming duo unpack the Neon Strings addition on Output’s Analog Strings.

Whether you compose for films or want to create the perfect retro backdrop for a beat, Analog Strings has you covered. With realistic orchestral samples and vintage string synth sounds, it’s an expansive instrument unlike any other. The Neon Strings addition provides delicate plucks and massive pads that will take you back to decades past.

Some producers already got their hands on it and we can’t stop listening to the tunes they’ve made so far!

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The inventive songwriter and producer SATTA adores ‘80s vibe sounds. In this reimagined version of his track “Dream of Lights,” he controls the Analog Strings with specially-designed MIDI gloves

“The interface just looks sick and I’m a graphic designer, too,” he admits. But Analog Strings is not just eye candy. “What I love about Output products is they do half of the art for you. I think that’s an awesome thing because I’m not spending as much time shaping. I can get immediately to the music,” says SATTA. 

Mangling his favorite synth patch from the pack, he adds some serious Stranger Things flavor to his beat.

Josiah Bell

Canadian hip-hop beatmaker Josiah Bell was one of the first musicians to test the Neon Strings pack. He even put together a delicious trap beat to showcase his favorite sounds!

Starting out with ethereal plucks that end with tape slow down FX, Bell prepares the listener for the drop. He then masterfully combines sharp and gritty strings with ambient sounds. 


Neon Strings: VALIDÉ !

Nos amis de chez Output ont partagé avec nous leur dernière expansion, #NeonStrings. On l'a testée pour vous en mode Trap et on a bien kiffé. Vous validez?_______________________________________________Our friends at #Output shared with us Neon Strings, their latest expansion pack. We tested it for you and it's pretty amazing, check this out !

Posted by Workshop Study'o on Monday, July 31, 2017

Producer MKL of Workshop Study’o knew Analog Strings was going to be an extraordinary instrument from the start. Still, he didn’t expect to get inspired by the first preset.

The Broken TV Set patch, which reminded him of violin harmonics, comes alive with MKL’s chords. But the real fun begins when he manipulates the macros in the strings engine to alter it. 

“You can radically turn one original sound into thousands very quickly,” he says in the video, summing up the experience succinctly. Getting a solid rhythmic base takes merely a few clicks with Analog Strings’ arpeggiator. Then, all there is left to do is focus on the melody. 

To compose the melody, MKL chooses the synthetic pizzicato patch, Digital Edge. The addition of drums and sub elements transforms what started out as an idea into a full beat. 


Brooklyn-based producer STONI loves the versatility of Neon Strings. As she demonstrates, the pack provides a wide range between sounds that are raw and densely layered.

In her showcase, she combines a synthesized legato and pizzicato strings combo with upbeat drums. The result: an instant vibe.

Rockit Gaming

The popular YouTube channel Rockit Gaming is a haven where music meets video games. But the creators Rockit and Vinny Noose don’t just play games. They produce sick tracks that take nerdcore to the mainstream. 

It’s always a special treat to stumble upon this duo’s livestreams. It’s even better when we get the chance to hear them work their magic with Output instruments!

In this case, the Rockit Gaming team has The Joy of Creation: Story Mode on their minds. You’ll instantly recognize some familiar soft synths like Omnisphere and Serum. But it’s the way they make multiple Output instruments work to their advantage that got us hooked.

First, they insert MOVEMENT to add bouncy and atmospheric synth hits that liven up the beat. Then, they move on to SUBSTANCE and discover that the Groovy Tickler preset is just the bass they were looking for. 

The classical textures of the tune eventually call for some choral sounds from EXHALE. The eerie choir part sits in the back nicely, creating a bed for the lead melody in the intro. 

Once the song structure becomes clearer, the duo turns their attention to Analog Strings. The Astral Projections preset becomes an essential element in the build up. 

Taking a step back, the producers resolve to add some arpeggiated textures with SIGNAL. The Dancing Bells preset compliments the second verse of the song beautifully. 

At the end of the stream, the Rockit Gaming hosts call the track an “ugly masterpiece.” But we think the word “epic” is a much better fit!

New to Analog Strings? Watch Satta and The Album Leaf put these sounds through the paces.

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