Output Artists write the framework for their tracks with the mesmerizing layers of hybrid synths & organic strings from Modern String Beds Expansion Pack for ANALOG STRINGS.

Jimmy LaValle of The Album Leaf

Electronic musician & multi-instrumentalist Jimmy LaValle crafts the heart of a track using Modern String Beds & his own INIT patch from scratch in Analog Strings. Watch how Jimmy gives new life to organic sounds by transforming samples into new elements.

“I’ve not been so excited and satisfied with a string library since Analog Strings. The Modern string expansion pack is blowing my mind.. The presets alone are magic but combined with the Analog Strings intuitive user interface, each preset can be manipulated to create your own unique sound with ease. I’m very sensitive to bad string libraries and the Output family have outdone themselves with this instrument. It will be a go to for me to help create new inspiration.”


Producer on the LA beat collective Team Supreme & founder of Unspeakable Records, Kate Ellwanger weaves together a beautiful melody and message for a ~new tune~.



Genre-blurring London producer for Rina Sawayama’s ‘Alterlife’ and electronic pop singer/songwriter is a musical chameleon painting a colourful soundscape with groovy visuals and Modern String Beds.

Dive into more soundscapes constructed by Output Artists for ANALOG STRINGS in Artist Additions with Neon Strings.

Sarah The !llstrumentalist

Beatmaker & vlogger Sarah packs a punch with an ill beat with Modern String Bed presets and the Antiphon Instrument.


Producer & sound designer Ben bakes up a 808 kick drum using a Serge modular synth at the lab in CalArts in conjunction with Analog Strings for a sizzling beat for evolving textures and spatial movement.