Output Artists share their unique perspective on how the otherworldly soundscapes of Barely Vocals Expansion Pack for EXHALE come into play in their own world.


The DIY darling of Los Angeles skate/garage punk scene, Zac is the frontman of FIDLAR… now turned film director/auteur extraordinaire. Hilarity ensued.


Equal parts DJ and Producer, NYC/MIA based Brenmar blends the gloss of commercial hiphop and r&b with the urban grittiness of underground styles like Chicago ghetto house, UK bass and Jersey Club. From his legendary Grey Zone parties to his #TechTuesday series, you can always expect gold.


Kalya Scintilla is a shaman of sound. From his studio on a remote Hawaiian island, watch him weave fusion beats and healing vibrations.


NYC-based producer & sound designer Ron Tarrant breaks down how to create unique textures in the background of his track. Watch his full breakdown here or check out his travel vlog on a recent trek to Los Angeles.


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