In order to run ARCADE on your version of Pro Tools, Microsoft Edge WebView2 runtime must be installed (don’t worry, it’s free).

You can find the installer for Microsoft Edge WebView2 runtime here: Download Microsoft Edge WebView2

You will want to download the “Evergreen Bootstrapper” installer from that page to install Microsoft Edge WebView2 runtime. After installing Microsoft Edge WebView2 runtime, please relaunch Pro Tools and you should be good to go with ARCADE!

If Microsoft Edge WebView2 runtime isn’t an option for your system, you can install an older compatible version of ARCADE (version 1.3.11) here:

ARCADE version 1.3.11 (Mac OS 10.9+)

ARCADE version 1.3.11 (PC Windows 7+)

Update Arcade in 4 steps

  • Download the relevant installer for your OS (located above).
  • Open the installer and follow the steps until you hit “Finish.”
  • Open ARCADE and log back in.
  • Have fun creating!

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