“Make unusual sonic hybrids by blending audio samples with synthesized tones.”

“Oh, I can actually finish this entire track with this plug-in.”

“Analog Brass & Winds is like a breath of fresh air. With the same great engine as Analog Strings and a massive amount of samples and presets, this is clearly leader-of-the-hybrid pack for 2018 thus far.”

“Twist and contort sounds for everything from Blade Runner synth brass to realistic symphonic orchestra tones.”

“Both the user experience and the audio quality are state of the art. Brass and woodwind never sounded so modern.”

“Unique and imaginative sounds that can serve as traditional brass & winds instrument sounds, highly stylized versions of those sounds, or to toe the line between both worlds.”

“Following on the success of their string instrument, Output puts the pedal to the metal.”

“One of Output´s most impressive and surprisingly flexible instruments to date!”



“Verzerrte Blechbläser!”