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14 Days to Better Music

Day 1 - Combining Unexpected Arcade Lines

Day 2 - Layering Drums with Beatbox

Day 3 - Slicing Loops in Arcade

Day 4 - Add organic textures to your productions

Day 5 - Add rhythm to Arcade loops with Movement

Day 6 - Build drum kits using your samples in Arcade

Day 7 - Use vocals as rhythmic elements

Day 8 - Add interest to your tracks with Portal

Day 9 - Customize Arcade’s Kits

Day 10 - Build complex hi-hat patterns

Day 11 - Build interesting melodies with Arcade’s Modifiers

Day 12 - Reverse and edit Arcade’s loops

Day 13 - Play vocal melodies with Arcade’s Playable Pitch

Day 14 - Build Pads from One-Shots with Portal

Blending different genres in your track is one of the best ways to make your music stand out without sounding too experimental. With 30+ Lines available in Arcade, it’s super easy to do so. Here are some of our favorite unexpected combinations:

– Nightmare and Passport
– Poolside and Rhythm Culture
– Chopped and Trash Drums
– Distant Voices and Modular Circuitry

Drums can make or break a track and that’s why producers are constantly on the lookout for fresh drum sounds. One of the best ways to create unique drums is to layer them with other percussive elements and the Beatbox Line is the perfect place to start.

Chopping samples is integrated into the workflow of most modern producer and Arcade makes it easy to do so. Just find a sample in Arcade or import your own and start building completely new sequences by slicing it across the keyboard by holding alt/option and dragging it to other keys.

Organic textures always add a touch of sophistication to synth-driven tracks. It’s also a great way to add depth to your mix and keep the listener interested throughout the entire song. Check out these Lines if you’re looking for great textures:


Ever felt like your melody and progression did not quite blend together? Our Plug-in Movement can really help bring all of the elements of your track in sync thanks to its complex rhythm system and effects. In this example, we used it on vocals but it is definitely wort trying on all of your favorite sound sources.

Have a huge collection of drum sounds on your hard drive? Turn them into Arcade drum kits quickly and benefit from all of the built-in effects available inside of Arcade to process them.

When producing for Artists, it is important to keep room for the lead vocals but that does not mean that you shouldn’t use vocals chops to make your beats stand out. Using them in a rhythmic way will add character to the instrumental while leaving plenty of space for the singer.

Repetition in modern music is extremely important but it shouldn’t mean that it has to be boring. Portal is the perfect tool to add interest to these repetitive elements and make your track feel a lot more produced.

If you ever feel like the Kit your are working is missing a certain sound to complement your track, there’s no need to open another instance of Arcade. Simply use the Loops section of the Browser to find the sound that you are looking for and drag it on a white key. Arcade will automatically adjust the key and bpm of that loop to match your session.

Programming complex hi-hat patterns using midi or audio samples can be a time consuming and tedious task. The resequencer modifier in Arcade makes it a lot easier and opens up tons of creative ways to make their hi-hat patterns stand out.

Arcade’s modifiers make it easy to turn a loop into a unique melody that fits your style and track. Just hold down a white key and trigger the black keys where you see fit to quickly give the loops a brand new vibe.

The Loop Edit page in Arcade opens up tons of opportunities for producers to completely transform how the samples playback. To reverse a loop, simply click “edit” from the bottom of a white key and click the reverse icon.

Transpose & create new melodies out of a loop on the fly with the Playable Pitch feature available in Arcade. Just hold down a loop and play notes on the lower octave of your keyboard to alter the pitch of the loop.

Organic pads can completely transform the feeling and vibe of your electronic productions. Combining organic sound sources from Arcade with Portal is one of the fastest ways to create them.

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